The Publisher by Yorgos Ntovas

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The Publisher
Yorgos Ntovas
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Γιώργος Ντόβας

About the Author
Yorgos Ntovas was born in Volos, Greece.
Being a curious spirit, he was involved in the research and exploration of strange and unexplained phenomena from the early age of fifteen. He took part in various research teams in Greece and abroad.
He studied Electronics and Computer Science.
He is an I.T. and Communications Consultant, Books and Theatrical Texts Author, Scripts Writer and Paranormal Phenomena Investigator.
He creates Digital Artworks and writes various strange or not, books.
He has written in Greek the books, Claire – Erica – Cleo (Trilogy), Eleni & Menelaos, A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days, The Publisher, Attempt of Rape, 4 Erotic Stories, Special Consultant.
The first book of the trilogy Claire – Erica – Cleo has been translated into English.
He speaks English, French and German.
He lives and works in Athens, Greece.
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About the book
A corrupted publisher, a charming businesswoman and an IT technician in a story of corruption, erotic passion, illegal substances and hatred.
Where will they end up?

The Publisher
By Yorgos Ntovas

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